Of Myths and Legends Lyrics By Black Messiah

Artist/Band Name: Black Messiah

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Lyrics To Of Myths and Legends

Legends – told us by the elder ones
Of gods – honour, heroes trolls and thurses
Stories – Happened a long time ago
A Belief – Living in our blood

Of Myths and Legends

Let us bring to you
The secret of our father’s heir
Feel the breath
Of the long forgotten bequest

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Tales of Legends written by the Gods themselves
A golden age
Stories of a Nordic realm, a time of honesty
Age of war

Odin – Father of the Aesir race
Runes – Thrown to foresee your fate
Udgard – Lang of giants, land of evil
Bifrost – Bridge to Valhall

Of Myth and Legends

Let me sing about a world
of miracles and pride
Let me bring to you the spirit
of our fathers’ might
Find the way to inherit the path of victory
A journey straight to Yggdrasil, the mighty, sacred tree

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[repeat chorus]

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