…Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom Lyrics By Eluveitie

Artist/Band Name: Eluveitie

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To …Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom

The endless knot, the holy grove
The threshold, the place beyond
I enter, like a newborn child

Embracing the eternal
Like a consuming fire
The knowledge grows
When it’s cleft

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Though still patch worked
Yet flooding
The creating touch
Washing away the vile

Embracing the ancient
While trees gently whisper
Those intimate
Longed-for words

The greet wheel is still revolving
With untouchable sovereignty
So invulnerable

Into the sacred
Grove I drown
The endless knot
Draws me into

The fire of hearts
The place beyond
Then I’ll be born
Then I’ll be renewed

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Naked spirit
Bare spirit

Billy K. Hicks

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