Odetta’s War Lyrics By Frog Eyes

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Lyrics To Odetta’s War

Sail off, sail into the sun, and let everything that pains be undone
Cast off the fabled leotard, flee the legions of FAKES by the shore
And darkness and hunger are as maddening as the wild-whipping rains,
And they move to the east, and they crawl to the west, they have
No patience for the wind nor its crest.

They said “Cast off, get away from this rock.
I shall live another day and I curse the hell out of this rock.
The Crystalline Cathedral is in the damn-dest spot!”

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And turn to the wind like a hawk.

Ideal wave. Ideal blade. Ideal lake that bears the stamp of the sun,
Some owners shall rest when their property sleeps,
but for the wicked that day will never come.
And Dee don’t see, that the end of the Sea, is like a needle prophesying
The dawn.
And the enemy shakes, and the enemy weeps: who’s going to call off this rain?

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They go: “Let us be away from this spot!
This is the blame-taking spot!
This is everybody’s got a hole in their heart.
This is everybody’s got a darkness in their gut.”
And the whole damn battalion’s got to run from this spot,

And flee from the black beak of the hawk.

Shitty light over the waves.

[But] When you’re rollin’ into the country life, they’re going
Do, do-do-do-do-do-do-do

Hush hush, you really didn’t mean it anyway.

Billy K. Hicks

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