Obvious (Interlude) Lyrics By Rockie Fresh

Artist/Band Name: Rockie Fresh

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Lyrics To Obvious (Interlude)

Fucked up, but at least you learned
Joke’s on him, baby it’s your turn
Had a good thing, guess he didn’t know it
Sure he probably loved you, guess he didn’t know how to show it but
It’s so obvious, so obvious

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[Verse 1]
Look, it’s so obvious you feel some’
It’s obvious we fake friends
It’s obvious it’s real loving
It’s obvious you need me
Said it’s obvious you dream about me
Obvious you need sleep
Said it’s obvious you do creep
It’s obvious you catching on
It’s obvious you did him wrong
It’s obvious I probably shouldn’t put it in song
But you know what we be on
Yeah you know what we be on

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