Not Today (Live) Lyrics By Blake Lewis

Artist/Band Name: Blake Lewis

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Lyrics To Not Today (Live)

Wanna stop the world in the palm of her hand
Daddy’s little girl doesn’t understand
She’s about to lose control
One dip-strip doesn’t feed her appetite
Wish I could’ve been the one to satisfy
But I can’t compete with rock ‘n roll

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She paint the picture of her perfect moment
Mirrors all the round, it’s not today
You don’t know when
You don’t know when
And the world that she’s created starts to

Not today, I’ll give it up tomorrow
Not today, just leave me with my sorrow
Don’t tell me what you mean, don’t know me
I don’t need, gonna take my mind, not today

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Tell how is it feel in the bright light,
When I try to ask her where is ladies at?

Billy K. Hicks

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