Nostalgia Lyrics By Megahera

Artist/Band Name: Megahera

Album Name: Metal Maniac Attack

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Nostalgia

My thoughts fly up there to that place
Where time has gone
Wind blow right in front of the sea
This is for you!

And now I am here alone
I grab the destiny again
It has chosen me and brought me to life

Through this mad journey
Everything happened it will be never forgotten
I’ll take it with me!

Sadness, empty spaces inside me
I stare at a frozen moon
It is all so crazy

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Death is coming and nothing can stop it now
Our destiny has been already decided!

But you can still take your chances
And try your best
Past will be always with me
It will never be gone
I can see the way
The path of my life
I walk as a blind man
Guided by stars

Time goes so fast
Think of my years
And yet it’s all gone
My heart cries
Along with memories
Of a past that is so far away from me
I tell you all!
Never forget!

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Through the fire
Of the season
We see our lives dissolving
Into ash
They teach us how to live
And we learn how to die

Groundwater sources
The power of the trees
Supernatural forces
Will always look and
And remember who we are

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