Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed Lyrics By Goatwhore

Artist/Band Name: Goatwhore

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Lyrics To Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed

Bitter ravage against this colorless trance
Mental wounds have been kept concealed
Confound secrets start to suffocate the years

Sleepless in the dead of night
Entranced by this cursed vision
Trapped within the frozen darkness of this fright

Sunken shadow emerges from the midnight hour
Phantom landscape of this nightmare consumes
Haunting thoughts of this dreadful return

Tainting the memory of a cloven soul at birth
Inside these harrowing depths of the heart
Renounce the life lost to this darkened void

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Awakened in the dead of night
Consumed by this frightful vision
Enslaved to the misery of this accursed sight

Marveling at this advent of the cursed
Moaning from depths of sullen rage
Slithering across terrains of fright
Loveless embrace of vengeful urge
Falling into this dreamlike chasm
Whispering terror upon these silent ears
Flourishing darkness that devours essence
This prey for the consumption of evil

Cold breed arise from this black trance
Regain this sight enthralled by horrific wrath
No hiding from this darkness lurking from the past

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Twilight seeps into the barrier of vision
Motionless beneath this coiled black presence
Depravity ingests this soul for possession

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