No Way Out Lyrics By G Herbo

Artist/Band Name: G Herbo

Album Name: Humble Beast


Lyrics To No Way Out

Uh… I’m from a place where they don’t make it out
Haann, haann… me and my niggas just tryna’ make it out

Grew up with them goblins, we all came from
The trenches
Young niggas lived, learned lessons, we ain’t wanna listen
We just was wildin’ , having fun, and made some bad decisions But we was runnin’ shit, No Limit, we ain’t have to listen
I was like fifteen, remember I had the coldest winter
We lost Lil Roc in February, White Folks was November
This was my freshman year of high school, we was
Just beginners
Skipped breakfast, woke up sliding
Loaded pipes for dinner, this all I knew, pop out
All my niggas wanna do, felt like a obligation
Did what we was ‘pose to do, G Faro lost his
Bro, I seen it drill a hole in you, said to myself
“No matter what, I’ll always roll with you”
I’ll always ride with you, pull up, homicide with you
And for my brothers it’s whatever, 150 forever
No Limit tats on us forever, got that shit together
We only tryna’ find the money, we ain’t folding, never

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I look at myself as like the blueprint for my niggas
Really just, you know what I’m saying, showing
Them the way of how to make shit better, not even
A way out, cause we young niggas, you know what
I’m saying, we in this shit together, and really
With me being in the streets, and all that shit
Everything that happened in my life, I ain’t never
Prayed, or you know, nothing like that, for no
Way out or to change what I got going on
Even with me having a relationship with God
’cause I already knew what I was signed up for
Just everything played out, like it’s destined
For, look…

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I came from hiding from the cops, running
With my mans, and getting blew at by the opps
Ducking under vans, to copping shit before it drop
And counting hunnid’ bands, tryna’ stay humble in
The jungle, you don’t understand, cause when you
Come from nothing, and turn that into something
Niggas get to hating, ones you never seen was coming
But you ain’t pussy, fuck them niggas, make you
Start stunting get niggas pissed so they do something
Make you start ‘bussin, and this the story of a young
Black nigga tryna’ make it, you livin’ life, you gotta
Watch for niggas tryna take it, and can’t surround yourself
With niggas tryna’ down niggas, clown niggas. don’t
Want worth, just wanna be around niggas
I had to show my niggas money is the way out
Ain’t gotta leave the gang, but if you broke, thats
How you stay out, and just moved Shanse’ out
In a new crib, all the way out, in a place I know my
Sis safe out, cause my family know I don’t play bout

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