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Lyrics To No Games

Are we going x4
Ya we’re going
Check x4
Are we going?
Don’t go all crazy and shit! uh uh uh uh
How much time we got?

So listen close
So you all don’t miss
And we go a little something like this
Hit it!

Let it begin
Who,what ,why and when?
Jumping straight from the fire to the frying pan
Headin straight from the zoo to the lions den
Our character isn’t named yet, try uhh Ben
Ya Ben, 17, 18 no 19,
Nevermind his name aint Ben
Lets wipe the slate clean
Lets call him Kurt
A small town boy
He always carries his guitar around
All out noise!
But his parents think something is wrong
They speak, he doesn’t hear em
Hes just strumming along
Idolizes Jimmy Hendrix
Amazed of that dead man
He wants to be him,
Even plays with his left hand
Hes anti drug
The man might bug
But its his outlet for pain cause he cant find love
He rocks hard every show he has
A rock star, yeah, he knows hes bad
He’s not far from an indy deal
He wont bend or kneel
No sell out, shell out a bentley, mill
It don’t matter,
The gold platter billion records
Wont change up his brilliant methods
Hes got a knack for cryptic lyrics
Think Lennon on heroin
A chameleon depending on where hes been
Fast forward hes lost a spark in his eyes
And he became everything hes ever criticized
The new icon, a household name
He picked up a bad habit
Hard to douse old flames
He had a shotgun shines and sealed
But what would of happened had he of never signed that deal?

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No pain, no gain
But this life aint playin no games
This life aint playin no games

So he never signed that deal
He said Fuck it!
Never liked the way the labels chained the meat puppets
Sure, his best friend Chris was pissed
But hes so passive aggressive, that he zipped his lips
But this was his decision
For no encore
Sometimes he wonders what it would’ve been like to go on tour
Have 7 billion fans all screaming his name
And those same 7 billion fans seeing his pain
But he stayed straight edge
Knocked up his main squeeze
Locked up his fame dreams of rock love and stage scenes,
And now hes waking up at 3 in the morning to change dirty diapers
Kurt is tired peeing and yawning
Ignoring his depression, wont see a doctor for it
And its messing with his marriage, don’t want more of this aggression
He went and kissed his daughter, should have got some help
Instead he went in his garage and ate a shotgun shell!

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