No Comprendo Lyrics By Funky DL

Artist/Band Name: Funky DL

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Lyrics To No Comprendo

Verse One / All I can say is “they no comprende” / why people so messed up, pretending they friendly? / When everything’s all good they wanna commend me / when everything falls apart, yo that’s when they can be so very unfriendly / and try to offend me / they try to attack me when before they’d defend me / now everything’s working out? Come back to befriend me / what’s up with the changes? / It’s like it was trendy / now could it be envy or maybe it’s just me / with very high standards , excessively fussy? / Maybe I should take time and try re-adjust me? / “No”, I think the things that they are doing disgust me / so I’mma trust me and very robustly / but try not to make a decision unjustly / so I’m gonna say “yo no entiendo” / and translating that it means “no comprendo” / I don’t understand / I don’t understand / Chorus / Keep on trying you don’t have to feel alright / if they bring you down, they don’t understand at all cos they play the fool yeah / no, no, no, no comprendo [x3] / all I can say is “they no comprende” / well maybe my friends know, cos “me no comprendo” / Verse Two / Well maybe my friends know, cos “me no comprendo” / is it that they stone drunk or smoking the Endo? / They wanna have everything and take from you anything / but never stopped to wonder if you could also benefit / so tell me how can I get to tell the true character of someone distinguished apart from an amateur? / Or should I say amateur? Is there any guarantor? / If someone is immature? But don’t bring it to the fore / the answer is complex or maybe it’s simple / is it that they simply complex individuals? / I’m speaking my visuals saying as I’m seeing it / seeing as I’m saying it and I disagree with it / but we all know some things have no answers / and opportunists always gonna be chancers / but still I don’t understand “yo no entiendo” and translating that it means “no comprendo” / I don’t understand, I don’t understand / Chorus / Refrain / Got the feeling coming over like I’m under a waterfall / a feeling I don’t understand at all / thinking why the hell is it going on / maybe I’m a little bit [a little bit.. confused] confused / never thought I’d feel this way but it’s hard to not do [not do] / all the things they do and expect to be cool, cool [hey, hey, hey, hey, no comprendo…] /

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