New Haven Lyrics By Lost City Angels

Artist/Band Name: Lost City Angels

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To New Haven

When all is said and done.
And the smoke is cleared away.
Crouched with open eyes.
Not an ordinary pain.
Can you please forgive me?
As it stares me in the face.
Never thought I’d be the one.
Never thought that I would change.

Tell me just what it is I’m fighting for.
The more my dreams change.
The more my dreams hit the floor.
But I’m not the one.
To give it up so fast.
Fight again tomorrow.
Won’t be enslaved by my past.

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Couldn’t run from it.
Cut my wrist the wrong way.
Transparency now fades.
Time to say I’m sorry.
Crouch with burning eyes.
The pain that was afraid.
Time to realize.
Embracing it’s the way.

[Chorus X2]

(((Throw in extra “yeah’s” and “tomorrow’s”.^^)))

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