Neverending War Lyrics By Hermh

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Artist/Band Name: Hermh

Album Name: Echo


Lyrics To Neverending War

I catch a thin thread
On the blue of your eyes
That sailed for ages
In simplicity of my nights
And I wait…
Heavenly fruit of sin
It’s a flame of your garment’s purplish red
It’s a flame of your garment’s purplish creature
It’s your hair’s fiery gust
Are you the beautiful creature?

I am to taste your nape
I am to touch
The silk of your body
And I am again to remember…
You’re destined to me

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I am little…
But I have greater power
To take away life and give eternity
And again I catch my eyes on
The shape of your body
And I remember again, you’re unwritten death!

And I am again to remember…
You’re destined to me
And again your breast is unveiled
I wanna touch
The embers of your bosom…

And the silk of your lips
And the taste of your nape
Is tempting me
And again I’m to remember
The fetters of death,
I will give to you…

And shadow braided us
This desire…
Plaits of bodies
So, the tooth…
One, then the second
I plunge in your nape…
Death is out of time
And again I remember
The redness of blood’s drops is to save
The bliss of the paradise
Today Eden is ours!

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The cursed fruit
And you are the seed
And I am again to remember
With the plaints of bodies
You ran away from her…
And the drops of blood
Are your salvation!

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