Never Lyrics By Precious

Artist/Band Name: Precious

Album Name: Spirit

Genre: Pop

Lyrics To Never

Verse 1
When did the world become so mean
Calculating and cold
Getting caught in the inbetween
What’s right, then wrong
Desperate to fight
Struggling to hold on
Refusing to die
Still left wondering why
Tomorrow is never too late
Cause see, it’s a new day
Today may be a disgrace
But you will find a way
Just when you think you’ve lost
Turn around and say
I’m on the attack
Yeah, I’m never turning back
Life is cruel
Always the butt of the joke
It’s a battle
It’s a duel
Every word you spoke
Still time, you can embrace
Cause tomorrow is never too late
Verse 2
I may be blind
But I see the light
When life is unkind
I take new insight
Whatever you think
That, I’m never gonna be
This ship you can’t sink
Cause I rely only on me
So, if you’re looking for me to save
what’s left of your soul
I’m not that brave
No way, you’re on your own
Repeat chorus
Now I have a new vision
I’m gonna do my thing
I don’t need permission
No, not for a single thing
Repeat chorus

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