Never Know Lyrics By Aer feat. Jordan Looney

Artist/Band Name: Aer feat. Jordan Looney

Album Name:


Lyrics To Never Know

I don’t got a job, but I still make sense,
Each mother fucking word coming from the breath from this chest,
With some treasure, from underneath me,
The X is where I’m digging,
Way down deep,
Seep through my skin,
Lime light lovin’ lightin’ me,
Rhyme tight my sight seems to be clearing up,
Steering my car down to town,
Then I pound shots, get another round,
Til I’m on the ground, Bitch know she love it,
Not above, influenced by the best,
But I had fun with it, get with it,
Cuz if you ain’t with it, we’ll take it from you,
Cuz we better, I bet you can’t do what I do,
Upsetter, get her wetter, read that letter,
I’ve had enough, to let her go,

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And I’m gon follow you back,
To the fires burnin’ in the past,
And I’m gon follow you back,
Never know, never go, yeah

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