Need That Lyrics By Mod Sun

Artist/Band Name: Mod Sun

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Lyrics To Need That

You don’t need that, you don’t need that
Everything you really need is where you lead at
You’re alive,
What more could you ask for? How much does words cost, nothin’
Now watch me take nothin’
And turn it into somethin’

The finest things were written
On an empty stomach
Dropped a couple pounds
Yes I done it

And yes I do recommend
You comprehend the fact
That you gon’ be all good
As long as you got oxygen

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And dont act like I’m
Pointin’ out the obvious
Cause lately I see people
Gettin’ jealous over confidence

And I’m a show you the difference
Between necessity and accessorie
Yeah we gon’ get to the bottom of this
Make a toast, take a sip, and spilt


Remember that moment
That you can’t forget
In which you wish you could
Took down and froze it

You think that memory will
Cost a pretty penny
Instead you get a fro-freeze
See life’s not your enemy

And no da-do dat one
A couple other ones
You gon’ want an encore
When this things done

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Should be like we copied, trace it
Should be easy, simple, basic
And I’m a show you
The difference between

Necessity and accessorie
Yeah we gon’ get to
The bottom of this
Make a toast, take a sip, and spilt


A handlin’ cause you ain’t got nothin’
If you ain’t got nothin’ to give
And don’t get me wrong
Its great to be here

Great to be anywhere but
How come the time passed by it
Somehow the price keeps risin’
And they just hope we stay quiet
but I ain’t never been quiet


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