Natural Born Hustla (feat. Akon) Lyrics By Cyssero

Artist/Band Name: Cyssero

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Lyrics To Natural Born Hustla (feat. Akon)

Imam natural born hustla
I aint got to tell you my dude you can see it
Everyones a costomer
And with a simple conversation
Il make you believe that
Imam give you everything
Dat you can depend(uh huh)
Pocket full of $100 stacks my friend (uh huh)
An og, no need to pretend (uh huh)
Erase you bby this coke imam friend now
Mind on my money, money on my mind
Imam grind on that money
Till that mone in my plam
That’s exatually why
I play with weight, and play da grind
Cause I stayin that, get money state of mind(hustla)
Its murda murda music everytime I lay a rhyme
Im coming for this city, and aint ona play this time
Know that niggaz mouths drop every time I say a lineYup, im
the underground king of my day in time
Yeah im something major, soon to be something greater

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You think not, youz a fuckin hater
Youz a loser you aint touchin paper
I always chase didgits, before I chase bitches
Get money, fuck um later (hustla)
Rouge boi P 3, 4 pound rouger
Hit you for your shoes
Niggaz betta move boi
Keep it cool boi, my crew moves in 2’s boi
I run with anmals, I can bring the zoo to you boi
Get into you with this brand new movement
And my niggaz down to move out
And were crew fit, whos shit
Let me show you nigaz how I do shit
1 mask, 2 gloves, I mac, 2 clips(shit)
We can war if you wanna
let one zero reign on ya
put your brains on ya
or I can get my chick to run some game on ya
and set you up for changing that chain on ya (hustla)

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