Nacho’s Blues Lyrics By Blue Sky Black Death

Artist/Band Name: Blue Sky Black Death

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Lyrics To Nacho’s Blues

[Verse 1]
Turn me on, your chubby daughter, listenin’ to Muddy Waters
Say she get it from her mother, she don’t listen to her father
And she blow me so good, bet another nigga taught her
Damn she got that ill na-na even though she had a toddler
Pull that Magnum to the side, that pussy felt like hot lava
Said she needed doctor money, a.k.a. shoes Prada
So I busted on her titties, now that bitch ain’t gettin’ nada
Bitch I ain’t that baby’s father, you be fuckin’ like koalas
Two dicks at a time, bet you ain’t gon’ rat about it
Erection, I know your father, Lion King, I’m fuckin’ Nala
I’m the king, Jerry Lawler, six-deuce Im-fuckin’-pala
Papa Shango fought Kamala, Johnny Quid, RocknRolla
Chewy bars, not granola, Pepsi twist, Coca-Cola
Lola Lola told me slow up, told me hold up ’til we grown ups
Now we’re grown ups, she tell me grow up, now shit holds up that she chose up

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[Hook] x2
Bitch I’m Nacho P, you should know who I am
B, fuck an amputee, ‘fore I ever hold her hand
Life is just a beach, take a roll in the sand
Keep my hand on the heat, and my nose in the gram

[Verse 2]
Used to [?] that belonged in the ground
48 Laws, not the law of the land
Guess a nigga’s double strapped when the bra’s in his hand
If he disrespect your broad, then just pardon my man
We just [?] keep it louder than Lambchop
Play along, play along, sing along, say you don’t get whaled on
Sail on, don’t be a Moby Dick
If we empty all these clips, that is all [?] Porky Pig
I was just a dorky kid, ’til my cousin caught a bid
Knew where he kept his shit, gotta have my cousin dip
First strap I ever seen from my big homie Jay
If I had one wish I would get him out today
He was from the Chopper City, taught me how to use a K
If they come by where I stay, I’ma put ’em on display

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[Hook] x2

[Verse 3/Outro]
Choking on my own vomit
Watching Wallace and Gromit
Nike’s Halley’s comet
My studio is haunted
My music ear’s a shaman
Shrunken heads to the lawman
Took Klonopin, took down all of em
Look at all of em, [?] callin’ ’em
Fuck em
I’m twice as strong, [?]
What the fuck is wrong with them
I right my wrongs and bite this song
And bite the bong
They can’t tell if its really me or a hologram
I’m hollow man, I probably am
Off lots of Xan, I’m Nacho

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