My Sweet Texas Bluebonnet Queen Lyrics By Hank Snow

Artist/Band Name: Hank Snow

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Country

Lyrics To My Sweet Texas Bluebonnet Queen

When the western sun is sinking
And the moon creeps through the sky
And the little doggies cuddle close and dream

Then I’ll ride on down the canyon
With a heart that’s light and free
For she’s waiting there
My Texas blue bonnet queen

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Golden love light shines, my darling
In your eyes so bright and blue
‘Cause I know you’ll always be like a prairie flower to me
And you’ll never fade my Texas blue bonnet queen

Riding down the trail together, my prairie flower and I
O’er sage brush sea our happy dreams we’ll share
‘Neath the moon in all its glory I’ll whisper, I love you
And we’ll link two hearts in love together there

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