My Name’s Not Down Lyrics By Badly Drawn Boy

Artist/Band Name: Badly Drawn Boy

Album Name:


Lyrics To My Name’s Not Down

Do do do do do
It’s a new melody and its coming your way soon
You’ll get it for free right after this next word

Nobody frees their mind anymore.
No one can read my mind anymore.

Do do do
It’s a figure of speech and a play on words
Life is a beach but never the less true
Nobody leaves me cold anymore,
But everybody leaves me wanting the core

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Name isnt down but im still coming in

Just give me some space
I can give you songs to straighten your face
Not just some b-side shit
That nobody listens to anymore
‘Cause everybody takes no time anymore

Do do do
It’s a falling from grace, and a miracle that im staying the pace
And still selling seats to shows
That nobody wants to see anymore
Everybody wants to get free on the door

My name isnt down but im still coming in
Name isnt down but im still coming in

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