My House Lyrics By NerdOut

Artist/Band Name: NerdOut

Album Name: My House


Lyrics To My House

See you try to get inside
It’s my house
Get away
I hear mobs at the door and I wont let them in
’cause I done this berfore they are not my friend
I got a chest full of gold and diamond
I’m getting tired of the mob try to find way in
Sometimes you gonna stay in(sometimes you gonna stay in)
Zombies know where do I live(zombies know where do I live)
Spiders try to get in(spiders try to get in)
Sometimes you gonna stay-a-a
Get away from my house
Try to take control now
Creeper really explode now
Why don’t you just go around
Get away from my house
Got my iron sword now
Sun about to go down

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