My Escape Lyrics By Jandek

Artist/Band Name: Jandek

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Avant-Garde

Lyrics To My Escape

Hey, spider
You’ve got me in your web
You know exactly your prey
And I disappear into you
It’s time to plan my escape
Because you found me, I must go
Maybe I’ll go to Cincinnati
Quiet down from this big town
I also thought of Seattle
Pensacola, Florida
But I couldn’t move north of the city
Oh, in the fields and trees
A meadow garden, and
You don’t have to mow the lawn
I want to make a long road
To my house
And if you die for me
Your only goal is my door
You can eat the coconuts
I don’t care
I’ll find some things outside
Just give me chlorophyll and air
I hope to walk (out?) dark tonight
Stay in by the (night?)
I don’t know what I’m becoming
I can’t see past my eyes, it seems
But I’ll take the green blood
Turn it red inside of me
I’ll take your hand inside my body
Reach in your heart
Take it out for food
Eat my heart out
Take the rest of me inside of you

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