My Dealer Lyrics By Katie Tropp

Artist/Band Name: Katie Tropp

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Lyrics To My Dealer

Whose the love of my life?
My dealer,
Who makes me smile so wide?
My dealer,
We never ever fuckin fight,
My dealer,
My dealer,
My dealer

He always knows what I want,
I call him up,
You know he’s always got the stuff,
Now roll it up!
Sticky green,
You know what I mean?
It’s all I ever want, It’s all I fuckin need!
Now I tell you my dealers the man,
Nobody deals quite like he can,
He sells the best stuff across the land,
He gives the best price,
The sacks are fat and nice,
He’s the one I call,
When I need it ya’ll,
The best thing about him he’s always available.
With him I don’t have a complaint,
With him I don’t even need a date,
With him it feels like it’s fate,
He’s the best thing that’s happened to me to this date!

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Nobody on Earth can even compares to you,
When I go to someone new,
I always go running back to you,
You’ve always got my heart,
You know you had it from the start,
If I don’t have you I’d really fall apart!
Everytime I come over,
I’m never leaving sober,
I swear to fuckin God it’s like I found a four leaf clover!
I practically jizz my pants,
When you pull out your sacks,
They’re so big and fat,
You know I love that!
Your shit always sends me on a trip,
It’s like you and me hey we’re the perfect fit,
If you left I’d want to slit my wrists,
I swear to God nobody has ever gotten me like this!
When I need you, you’re always there,
And when you’re gone I pull out my hair,
If you don’t answer I just sit and stare,
I wait and wait and wait just like a little queer!

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No one on Earth can try to replace you,
Nobody does all the great things that you do,
I moved away and I’m still calling you,
That’s cuz you know that I’ll always stay true!
You never hurt me once,
You don’t pull no stunts,
Everytime I see you I get what I wants,
The way to my heart you know what it is,
Smokin on the chronic is always the shit,
When I run out you’re there to reload it,
You’re like Mother Theresa you just give and give!
If you miss my call, you always call back,
If you’re ever dry, You always feel bad,
As soon as you get it you holler at me ASAP,
Then I get your call and I haul ass!
I feel empty without you,
I’ll never forget about you,
No drama surrounds you,
I’m so lost without you!

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