Murderers Of All Murderers Lyrics By Heaven Shall Burn

Artist/Band Name: Heaven Shall Burn

Album Name: Iconoclast (Part One: The Final Resistance)

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Murderers Of All Murderers

irresponsible and unreflecting
displacing human sense into the afterworld

running after faint beliefs, where you just have to fell
conceive suspicion, distrust your faith

degeneration, dislocation and always hunting for the ones to lead you
no aspiration, no ambition

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the one you hope for, the one you wait for
lies in a long forgotten tomb
condemned and murdered
revealed and tortured
we have killed him, you and I

endless drifting with the stream
and there will be no way to solace

we’ve raised ourselves to gods
we drank the seas and wiped away horizons
just everything we loved has bled to death by our own knives

a deed, thats just too great for us
there is no atonement
and no forgiveness there will be

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