Mr. McGibblets Theme Song (from the League) Lyrics By Jon Lajoie

Artist/Band Name: Jon Lajoie

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Lyrics To Mr. McGibblets Theme Song (from the League)

I’m Mr McGibblets saying hi to you
There isn’t a whole lot Mr McGibblets wouldn’t do
He’d scare you in the night and he’d hit you with his car
He’d set fire to the forest, Bring a Gun into a bar
He’d lie about his taxes and He’d lie about a crime
He’d say he’s free of herpes and have Syphilis the whole time
I’m Mr McGibbilets I like Malt Liquor and FroYo
I’m Mr McGibblets welcome to my Dojo
I’m Mr Mcgibblets join me at my Table
I’m a friend of kids but also Mentally Unstable
I’ll shake you down for money and I’ll Write you a bad check
I’ll knock your sister up just to teach you all about great sex
I’m Mr Mcgibbilets this costume cuts off my blood flow
I’m Mr Mcgibblets you’ve been to my Dojo

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