Move Over Lyrics By Irving Berlin

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Lyrics To Move Over

[1st verse:]
A married couple stepped one night
Upon a Pullman train
It near drove them insane
To hear the man explain
An upper berth for both of you
Is all that we can spare
And so if you don’t care
You both may sleep up there
They tumbled in that upper berth
At ten o’ clock that night
And soon the porter heard somebody
Yell with all their might

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[1st refrain:]
Move over, move over
Move over, over, over
This berth is much too small
I’ll fall I fear
I’ll tumble out, in, under
Just like a roar of thunder
Can’t you see you’re crowding me
Move over, my dear

[2nd verse:]
The other people in the train
Yelled out “For goodness sake!
That awful noise you make
Is keeping us awake”
But just the same they kept it up
And while they moved around
We heard an awful sound
The berth came tumbling down
They fell upon a fellow who
Was in the lower berth
He woke up suddenly and yelled for
All that he was worth

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[2nd refrain:]
Move over, move over
Move over, over, over
The man began to shout
Get out of here
The porter started grinning
He shouted “Seventh Inning!”
They stretched and then cried out again
Move over, my dear

Billy K. Hicks

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