Moonbeam Friends Lyrics By Rhodes Happy

Artist/Band Name: Rhodes Happy

Album Name: Rhodes Vol I

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Moonbeam Friends

Rhodes Happy
Rhodes Vol I
Moonbeam Friends
Waiting on my slumber
They rest upon my pane
My tiny moonbeam friends
Clinging to my rain

And when I lift my shade
They quietly fall through
They land upon my wall
Sparkling of blue

And when I cry
They sing to me
My little lunar friends

For every hurt my heart can feel
They try to make amends

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One of them I know
I call him by his name
He has a special cause
To keep this child insane

They make me warm inside
When everything is cold
My heart is burning young
My mind grows old

The painted stage
It comes alive at night
When all the world is dead

And I become the sole audience
And they linger in my head

Now follow me my loves
Everywhere I go
Shine on every hair
My oxy and nitro

We have the world tonight
So keep me company
And when the sun comes
We will be history

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Now watch me in my troubled sleep
My spirits of the night
And be nocturnal for me still

Be gone with the light
Be gone with the light


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