Monster (alternate orchestral version) Lyrics By Aviators

Artist/Band Name: Aviators

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Lyrics To Monster (alternate orchestral version)

So beautiful and more than I could ever dream
Somehow I thought you’d see that I wasn’t what I seemed
Time went by and I fell so in love with you
Leading myself to believe what wasn’t the truth

It feels like I fell asleep
And woke up in a nightmare
Fallen into a world of chaos
You’re the reason that I’m here
When you’re the only one I’ve dreamed of
You turned me away
Turning me into the monster I am today

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I abandoned order when you broke my heart that day
It then occurred to me chaos is the only way
When all you thought of me is a beast that can’t be tamed
The monster that you saw me for is the monster I became

I am not the same
Because of what you did to me
Now I’ll show you
That I’ve become what you thought me to be
If I can’t have you then
I’ll throw the world away
Only you are to blame
For turning me into the monster I am today

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