Mister You’ve Gone and Got the Blues Lyrics By Billy Eckstine

Artist/Band Name: Billy Eckstine

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Lyrics To Mister You’ve Gone and Got the Blues

If you cover your eyes some morning
Trying vainly to blot out her face
But your memory gives fair warning
That the past isn’t easy to erase
When you stop and you stare
But never notice what was there
Mr., you’ve gone and got the blues

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When your friends point a finger at you
‘Cause you’re starting to look like you feel
And you say to yourself is that you
With a heartache a mirror can reveal
When a comforting word
Becomes a noise that’s never heard
Mr., you’ve gone and got the blues

How do I know
Well Mr., if you take a look
At yours truly you’ll see
Some time ago
Blues was the finger man
That suddenly cornered me

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So you walk where the shadows hide you
‘Cause your tears can get out of control
But I know what goes on inside you
For your eyes are the wndows
Of your soul

When you’re wondering what
Can be this feeling that you’ve got
Mr., say anything you choose
But you’ve gone and got the blues

Billy K. Hicks

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