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Artist/Band Name: E-40

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Lyrics To Mister T

All eyes on me, Mister T
Big chains on me, Mister T
All gold on me, Mister T
All hoes on me, Mister T
Taminal, rolex on ma wrist
Turned up, stay flexin on a bitch
Tactical wit d toaster, hit em wit d temper
Treadin in d traffic four 12’s in d trunk

[Verse 1:]
Anybody dere, is this beat too loud
In ma ear I can’t hear, can you hear me now?
You rave, you throw up an you drunk
Got to throw up at d tail light of yo truck (of yo truck)
Earthquake in d bumper, speakers thumpin (speakers thumpin)
Stuntin an showcasin an platformin (platformin)
I’m crispy like panko (like panko)
Have a bitch run like a anchor (like a anchor)
Hostilic mothafucka not a lamo (not a lamo)
Fuck when we get outta dodge like Durango
Throw it into d game, less d game can’t complain
Bleeding d block like a bloody tampon mayne
Californiaing it out, d west love me like Coby-Coby Bryant
Lookin down dat stogie in dat green-green giant
Everybody know that i’m a dispensary client
Humboldt county broccoli, got dat green license

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[Verse 2:]
Fuckin is ma favourite sport, drinkin is ma second
Keep ma mouth shut if d popo ask me questions
Dig into d script like d script supposed to be stunts
Listen to e 40, you might learn a thing or two
Slap right here go crazy I’m not your typical ordinary
Under ma pillow was a Glock not no money from d tooth fairy
On d contrary, I get tow down mayne
Fallen asleep, wit ma cup in ma hand
Im an expert in dis shit, wake up an take a sip
Not out for 3 minutes without spillin it
Like bitches in yoga pants, spandex an linen
10’s, 9’s,8’s an 7’s, whites an blacks love me, like Al Roker
Keep ma game faces if I’m playin poker
You can ride wid us, or get rolled over
See dese Gucci draws, that’s ma gun holster

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[Verse 3:]
Back to our regular scheduled program (program)
This thing bangin like a mothafuckin summerjam (like a summerjam)
Went in CVS an bought a bag a rubberbands
Ma shoe box is gettin outta hand mayne
I neva leave d pad without 6 gran
They say this is bred an bottled by Lil Wayne
I don’t think you niggas understand (understand)
I’m a made man, I’m seasoned, he bland
I do what I want, he do what he can (what he can)
I’m a real one, he a pretenda he a sham
That nigga think it’s a game, he playin (he playin)


Mister T, tycoonin (tycoonin)
Mister T, top hat (top hat)
Mister T, timer (timer)
Mister T, tabernacle (tabernacle)
Trappin (trappin)
Tadit (tadit)
Transetter (transetter)
Transportin (transportin)
Turned (turned)
Traffickin (traffickin)
Treadin (treadin)
Toastin (toastin)

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