Mission Control Lyrics By LZ7

Artist/Band Name: LZ7

Album Name: Aftershow


Lyrics To Mission Control

I’m in the rubble, in the dust, dust
Crash landed, broken through the crust, crushed
Way off the radar, I’m down down down
White knuckle ride left me hush, hush

Thought I was golden, had it sussed, sussed
Too much of me, not enough us
A fallen soldier, a man down down
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

I’m calling mission control, I’m sending out an SOS
I’m calling mission control, you know me better than I know myself, know myself

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It’s time that I put out a mayday
I need some assistance, AA
Last time I looked, we’re on the runway
Then my world crashed down, cliché
No, I lost control on the way to the heights
Tell me, who turned out the lights, lights, lights

Yo, I should be celebrating, inside my head’s debating
To end it all now coz it’s overrated, and the chit-chat’s gone quiet, devastated
Maybe I should love the life I once hated, one more chance, I can make it
Ship’s gone down, mission control, pick up the phone

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I need to know, are you really out there?
Battery’s running low, this could be my very last call
I can hear you loud and clear, I can hear ya voice is calling me
Will ya take away the fear, the demons that are haunting me
Get me outta here, take take me outta here
Will ya, will ya – save my soul!

Billy K. Hicks

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