Mexican Seafood (KAOS FM, 1987-04) Lyrics By Nirvana

Artist/Band Name: Nirvana

Album Name: The Chosen Rejects


Lyrics To Mexican Seafood (KAOS FM, 1987-04)

Oh, itchy flakes, it isn’t through me
Till the jaw’s in flames, it’s entertaining
True, the fungus mold is my attraction
Oh, it’s only a disinfection

Only hurts when I, it hurts when I pee
Only hurts when I, it hurts when I sleep

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I vomit cum and diarrhea on the tiled floor like oatmeal pizza
Fill my toilet bowl of a cloudy puss
I feel my blood becoming chowder rust

Only hurts a night, it hurts when I pee
Only hurts a night, until I sleep

Roll into my bed which does consist of lice bugs and fleas and
and yellow mucus
Stained dirt, Vaseline, toe jam & boogers
Stomach acid worms that dance in sugared slusdge
Mmmmm …

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