Maybe Tomorrow Lyrics By Mike Tramp

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Artist/Band Name: Mike Tramp

Album Name: Maybe Tomorrow


Lyrics To Maybe Tomorrow

Say you don’t believe me
I don’t really care
Everything I’ve tried
Never got us anywhere
Endless accusations
That I’ve heard before
How can I defend myself
I didn’t start this war

For a moment we grab what we can get
In a moment we change and we regret
And the winding road that we’re on
Show us that we’ve just begun
Maybe tomorrow there’s a light
That shines for you and I

So we didn’t make it
Never had it all
Why are you so blind
That you can’t see we build a wall
Holding on to nothing
We ain’t got a chance
You don’t hear the music
And I don’t want to dance

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When a dreamer that along his way
Meets a dreamer who try to make him stay
Do we have to ask the reason why?
Butterflies are free to fly
Maybe tomorrow we will see
If there is you and me

Maybe tomorrow we will find
Everything we left behind
And all the pieces that were broken from the start
Maybe tomorrow time will show
If there’s a place we can go
And seek the answers to the questions in our heart
That we knew right from the start

Now I write this letter
I keep for both of you
So when you get older
You’ll always know the truth
I know that my action
Ain’t louder than my words
All of us have suffered
God knows that it hurts
Please forgive me I am nothing without you
Please believe me I would give my life for you
And if I only could make it right
Stand behind the words I write
I make it all just go away
Even for a day

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Maybe tomorrow bring us hope
And show the way to how we cope
We’ll draw straight line in sand and go from here
Maybe tomorrow we can smile
Even for a little while
So we can still believe and never fear
That we waste another year

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