Maintain (Nacho Picasso) Lyrics By Blue Sky Black Death

Artist/Band Name: Blue Sky Black Death

Album Name:


Lyrics To Maintain (Nacho Picasso)

Chorus x2

Gotta maintain, cause stress on the brain
Gotta,gotta maintain, cause stress on the brain
Gotta, gotta maintain, cause stress on the brain
Could lead to a motherfucking suicide thing

Verse : Nacho Picasso

Born between a rocker and a ?
The same year as ? played Scarface
All dogs go to heaven guess im ?
I like to thank that officer for my scarred face
Now every time I see the lights I’m thinking car chase
Violate my civil rights inside a bar place
Niggas be muggin’ well I guess they like to stargaze
Them niggas only cop recorders like the arcade
I laugh it at, I blow a quarter while I’m on stage
? me and my hombres
We beyond craze, no sleep, long days
Get some potholes, dead ends, wrong ways
They call me Nacho I’m not from Spain
If you thinking you gon’ eat me I’m not my name
Yellow niggas look alike but I’m not the same
Pop your brain for fame and some pocket change, Nacho !

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Chorus x2

Verse : Nacho Picasso

I maintain, go and ask your main thing
You on a track to nowhere on a lame train
Me and my niggas stuck together like the chain gang
5 dollar foot long chicken chow mein
And if you ? tell the child mayne
I’m tryna ? we’ve been duckin’ pow bangs
She catch me looking in the mirror, she like “How vain”
I pull my dick out, I’m a zombie I’m like “now brain”
Hmm, Night of the living dead
If I can’t get a piece of mind I get some head instead
Alladin found a geenie’s lamp and wished me dead
I got some Swisher Sweet covers on a whisky bed
A bear skin ? and a grizzlie’s head
I get busy for my city just like Biggie did
I’m tryna make this shit pop just like Iggy did
I knock a white bitch out in London look like Twiggy did

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Chorus x2

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