Love Wins Lyrics By Crystal Yates

Artist/Band Name: Crystal Yates

Album Name: Love Wins


Lyrics To Love Wins

(verse 1)
Won’t you take my hand now you can walk with me
I won’t pretend to know the answers for all the trouble that we see
We’re all a little broken and we’re all a little scared
But you’ve got to let go of the anger you’ve got to let hope live again

You may not it see now but I know somehow
Love wins Love wins
And when it makes no sense know that in the end
Love wins Love wins

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(verse 2)
So you’ve endured the empty promise you’ve gone the extra mile
You’ve given till your empty and turned your cheek so many times
There is freedom in forgiveness it’s whats keeping you alive
So take a breath and keep on standing wrong is covered by what is right

Don’t give up don’t give in
Love never fails it will never fail

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