Love Me or Leave Me Lyrics By Rednex

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Lyrics To Love Me or Leave Me

Glacial is the wishing well
The icicles have ceased to melt
Every frozen tear, was a cry for help Oh I love you so
That´s why it hurts to know
That my crying is what shows
Since the first time we made love
My soul ain´t strong enough Chorus: Love me or leave me now
Be there in my fears and doubts
Rise me when I´m down and out Love me or leave me now
Help me give my world a spin
Please don´t fence me in Love me or leave me Now when I am down
Then you turn around
Please don´t leave me here unsound I need you to understand
Now´s when I need a helping hand Chorus: Love me or… Please, let me rest in your arms tonight
Can´t you tell
Every shedded tear is a cry für help Love me or leave me now
Love me or leave me now
Oh when hell is breaking in
God, I need your healing Chorus: Love me or…

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