Love Is Waiting Lyrics By Home Is Calling

Artist/Band Name: Home Is Calling

Album Name: Evening Lights


Lyrics To Love Is Waiting

It’s the way Your wards fall on me with peace. You are here and I am still. The more I look, the more I find in You. Although I see You with my weary eyes, Your beauty shines like all the stars in the sky, so bright, so far. I run and look for You, trying so hard when You’re right here. Right here, right here. Love’s been waiting all alone right here. So long to everything that I’ve been told. Love is waiting here. I have yet to find You. The more I search, the more I come back empty. In all my selfishness, you think I’d learn by now, I’m not the answer to the problem. To know You is all I’m looking for. To love like You is what I’m dying for. Knowing You is harder than I ever thoughts. Love is waiting here.

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