Love Going Blind (Remastered) Lyrics By New Jordal Swingers

Artist/Band Name: New Jordal Swingers

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Lyrics To Love Going Blind (Remastered)

She never knew the game
Very soon she would discover
He tasted wealth and fame
Was in the mood to find a lover
She never knew the road never got those motel blues
She read the magazines and played the radio
He was in the mood knew he never had to lose
Felt a little bit like Valentino
To find love going blind

Wheels rolling on and on
Every minute every hour
Deals got him to the bone
Hit the top by losin’ power
Tryin’ to ease the pain goin’ for the mornin’ rain
They never tried to outdo one another
Walkin’ on the line offering sweet champagne
Ever so afraid of going sober
To find love going blind

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When you wake up to the morning sunm
And you find that the promises are dead and gone
Let them out all the feelings you hide within
Let them out all the triumphs that might have been

Never had the blues never had to wait that long
Tryin’ to make it last until forever
Tryin’ to make it fast
Tryin’ to catch the break of dawn
Pickin’ up the pieces left together
To find love going blind

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