Long Weekend Lyrics By Ian McFeron

Artist/Band Name: Ian McFeron

Album Name: Time Will Take You


Lyrics To Long Weekend

Oh God I’m watchin’ the clock and prayin’ for the whistle to blow
And just as fast as you can hear it, I’ll be gone
Cause these past few years
I’ve been strippin’ my gears
I think everybody knows
The words to this song

I’m takin’ a long
Weekend in the country
I’m takin’ a long
Walk in the country with you
Cause when times get rough everybody needs something
Like a long weekend in the country with you

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Well old bosses’ lips are movin’ but I can’t hear a sound
And I can tell his blood is boilin’ but I don’t care
Sometimes the best thing you can do
Is let it wash all over you
And in my mind
I’m already there

We can ride around the Ferris wheel
And go for breakfast after noon
We can watch the sun trade hands with the rising moon
And I don’t even care
As long as I’m with you

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