Long Distance Love Lyrics By Jahmiel

Artist/Band Name: Jahmiel

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Lyrics To Long Distance Love

Long distance love
So mi haffi mek long distance call
Long distance love
Long distance love
I’m in need of your love
But you’re so far away
And I… want you here with me
She deh a foreign and a hope mi no
Mi deh a yard and a hope seh yuh reach
Naw mek yuh heart broken in pieces
Mi love yuh fi real babes
Mi think bout yuh every and each day
My love a like CD, it repeat and replay
Like yuh flights no delay
Mi nuh have no visa fi go inna the freezer
But mi senorita mi would a married yuh
And a nuh just fi get mi papers right
But mi would a want fi see yuh day and
Cause, mi love yuh, mi, mi love yuh
And even though yuh take the plane it
above yuh
A no cloud 9 mi bring yuh one thousand

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