Like That Lyrics By Isaiah Rashad

Artist/Band Name: Isaiah Rashad

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Lyrics To Like That

Back again and I’m rolling, got a pack of Swish and a bag of thizz
Like a stash of Swiss and I blow it, tell my brother “Up to ride”
But them niggas firing up that reggie, man
And can’t have them fuck niggas in your regime
Suck dick, roll weed on the résumé
Bald head, damn near do everything
She do everything and I like it
Bend that ass over, baby, I’ll bite it
Like to role play, be a stripper, baby
I’ll tip her, baby, this pimping, baby, just Rosé
And I’m drunker than I should be
I’m fucking too honest but I could be
Another fuck nigga rapping ’bout wrapping
Flipping O’s by rap and hip-hop, boy, you could be
I don’t believe that shit Nigga, how the fuck you trill?
Nigga, how the fuck you real? Nigga, how the fuck you feel?
You don’t feel shit, and I feel it in my heart: you a real bitch
You don’t steel tip, Texas swanging
Texas slanging, Rikki Blu straight Texas
He’ll wreck your paint, I’m the type
To fuck your bitch to the record playing, “I’m a fan, mane”
Fuck that, nigga, nigga, you the man, mane
Gotta let a bitch nigga do his damn thang
Even crooked politicians get a campaign
Need Henny, too broke for the champagne
But I still keep it G every damn day
Memorize every word that a fan say
We the House, bitch niggas, to your family
Don’t let your bitch ’round me, I’m a girl prey
All I need is good pussy and a place to chill
Couple hundred thousand, gotta pay some bills
Gotta stack for my lil’ nigga college tuition
He fifteen, I’mma have him in the college with bitches
Gotta let the flow age, nigga, prolly to glisten
I was in the Windy city, nigga, study the ism
Triangle offense, nigga, study the prism
I was just locked up, bitches land you in prison, but

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Do you like that shit?
What a feeling baby, light that shit

Oh, you love how I write that shit?

I do it better when you like that shit, come on

Late nights, these late nights, I pray to God they pay off
For these hard times we done been through
Got me still screaming “Fuck school”
And the police got my shirt off sitting in the MC
Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling like Rich B-O-Y
Nigga got wings and still can’t fly
Throw some D’s off on my ride, throw some D off in your wife
Pussy stay off in my mind but the Pimp C, little P-A-C
Riding ’round, can’t feel my feet, riding ’round, lost my ID
Drunk driving, spilling drink on my seat
Slurring words, bitch, you know me
Cause I’m the nigga, man fuck these niggas
And any bitch rusing for the weed
Bitch, get a gram, put it in the Swisher, man
Or I suppose whatever you get it in
Put it to your lips, get a light, gon’ feel the glam
Tell me that it feel good, tell me all them lies
Make me feel good, let me, let me, let me feel real good
Give you my life, give you my life if I really could
But I know that I should, follow my steps
Get a little money in the process, 9-2 to the fucking death
House what I mothafuckin’ rep, feel me, bitch, feel me
’til my body go down to the depths to the crevasse of the Earth
The circle of the circle, roll circuits of the purple

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And the golds stay gleaming, fuck niggas stay scheming
Fishing hooks in the sky, young nigga Kareem-ing

Full bucket and a dream, nigga looking for wishes
Still grab my dick screaming “Fuck these bitches”

Yeah, Texas Trill, that Texas trill, Triple D, that Texas trill
Pleasant Grove, that Texas trill, Oak Cliff, that Texas trill
West Dallas, that Texas trill, East Dallas, that Texas trill
North Dallas, that Texas trill, Sunny South, that Texas trill
Two Podners, Texas trill, Rudy’s Chicken, Texas trill
Eastside, Texas trill, Westside, Texas Trill
That Texas trill, Texas trill, Blue Family Grove, Texas trill
Blu From The Grove,

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