Like I’m Elvis Lyrics By Joe Bachman

Artist/Band Name: Joe Bachman

Album Name: One


Lyrics To Like I’m Elvis

I’m in a one lightbulb hotel room here in Harlan
Outside I hear the cold Kentucky rain
It’s been a long and lonely road from where I started
Just to see the marquis sign mis-spell my name
Tonight I play for more empty chairs than people
Back home I know, she’s said her prayers for me
In Tupelo, she’s sleeping like an angel
Between me and her is all of Tennessee

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But she loves me like I’m Elvis
She treats me like I just might be the King
She won’t mind if I’m never famous
She stays up all night just to hear me sing
I may not ever have mansion in Memphis
But she loves me… like I’m Elvis

The owner never paid me what he promised
The only autograph I signed was my bar tab
Last week my van broke down outside of Boston
To get it running cost me every dime I had


I may never grace the gates of Graceland
See the Opry stage, or the Silver Screen
But as long as I have her by my side
I’ll have everything I’ll ever need

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