Light Years Away Lyrics By Bryan Fenkart

Artist/Band Name: Bryan Fenkart

Album Name: Simple & Grey


Lyrics To Light Years Away

Life goes on,
Beauty fades,
Itʼs a bittersweet parade,
Finally took my foot off the neck of the man who saved my life,
And in his palms he held the alms that I thought had been a knife.

When in my short life did I
Trade in my trust for fear
That has question-free authority over me?
It mustʼve been years before I slammed the door
On the kid I used to be,
Things were simpler then,
But you canʼt go back again.

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Itʼs all light,
light years away.

I donʼt know who you are, so youʼll be whoever I want you to be,
And I donʼt know what you want, but I know that you wonʼt get it from me,
Iʼve seen all your credentials and youʼve got a damn good resume,
But Iʼm gonna have to pass, thanks for your time, anyway.

Iʼve been holding my breath, waiting around, for something extraordinary,
Biding my time till the planets align,
To take me back in time,
ʻCuz I donʼt want to say goodbye,
To that kid
Who wasnʼt afraid to cry.

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Itʼs all light,
light years away.
Kindergarten carpet burns were the worst that things could get,
And telling on your friends, your biggest regret.

Fireworks and cherry bombs on the 4th of July,
And youʼd give up every dime
Just to catch one firefly.

Light, light years away.
Lights go on,
Music fades,
Itʼs the end of the masquerade.
So Iʼll see ya around,
When I find my way
To the other side of yesterday

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