Lets Get Down Lyrics By Lil’ Bow Wow

Artist/Band Name: Lil’ Bow Wow

Album Name: Unleashed

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Lets Get Down

Lil Bow Wow
Lets Get Down
I know this chick named Nichole
we call her boochie
didn’t want her to shop nowhere but gucci
and burberry and prada was her style
im tryna tell yall that sorty could get down
conversations amazing
in my 4 shorties in heavy rotation
thinking to myself like this is the one
broke her down tell shorty how to do this hun
never give her the cold shoulder
if shes in the benz i let her take over the rover
then its off to the movies tell em
im like austin lets get groovey
from the movies to the crib
give her the keys where u heard thats what i did and
i find me another one more interesting more fun the pimp has begun

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Chorus- its really really nice to meet you ma im really really feelin you style said you wanna come chill wit a baller huh? lets get down
its really really nice to meet you boy
you know im really feelin yo style
you know i wanna chill wit a balla so
lets get down

i know this girl named cendi
loves to rock fendi
when she leaves the mall the stores is all empty
east coast new york my up town chick
i see her when i cruise the park and 106
next her name is ranette
she lives on the west i hit the l.a.x
im so impressed by the way that she dress
walks like a model the girl is so fresh
i got a few of them heres what i do to them
take em out try to teach somethin new to them
its no thang when you heavy in the game i got a notha one who likes the midwest swang
shes from the show me state
so i showed her my b and the quarter to eight
i know you caught on late
but thats seven forty five
shorty now lets ride
hop in the whip

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I know this girl named kiesha
shes no groupi
be far from the stars
22s made her choose me
like oowee
tellin all her friends in the benz
he dont really look sixteen do he
112 youngest thing on the scene
couldn’t believe what i seen
how she squeezed in them jeans
looks like a tight situation
make a young man make flight reservations
just step no intimidations
im bow wow boo except no immitations
should have seen the looks on there faces
the ice plus light makes for good conversation
you tellin me its a felony to yell at me
i blew her mine she was dazed momentarily
but luckily she stayed for some theropy
i stayed pimpin heavily
my games spittin theroly

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