Let’s Begin Again Lyrics By Crystal Yates

Artist/Band Name: Crystal Yates

Album Name: Love Wins


Lyrics To Let’s Begin Again

(verse 1)
It’s 10:00 am and i’m still in bed
trying to tell myself that we’ve not made a mess
the hardest times do not compare
to the empty side of the bed when you’re not here

let’s face the facts when we’re apart
our lives are not complete
let’s put aside our differences
do you think that we could meet?

(chorus 1)
Let’s begin again
with eyes to see the way we both have changed and then
Let’s take a chance to recollect the days we had
when we used to laugh and remember

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(verse 2)
the paper’s signed and in the mail
what have we gone and done, only time will tell…
the hardest times do not compare
to thinking bout the future when you’re not there

It’s not too late to for you and I
I’m not ready to give up
It may be rough but not as hard
as letting go of us

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(chorus 2)
Those were the best of times
lets decide to hope for a together life
I can’t imagine me not right there by your side
as your wife and friend
Let’s begin again

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