Let Me In Lyrics By Black Nail Cabaret

Artist/Band Name: Black Nail Cabaret

Album Name: Emerald City


Lyrics To Let Me In

Looking through a window
I’m watching you, I lick my teeth
Sigh behind your room door
Don’t be silly, it’s only me


I’m not gonna hurt your sweet white flesh
Because I really really like you
I really really do
You’re so soft and young
Use me anytime you want
There’s one thing you have to do
I want you to

(Let me in)
Don’t deny your childhood-leaning
That you’d once become a killer
(let me in)
You’re still not shaking from the smell of blood
(let me in)
So why don’t you accept me as I really am
I won’t change you
I’m not changing anymore

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Smell you after making love
Like clotted blood after a lunch
You’re used but so delicious though
I feel sated, I sing a song

Are you gonna hurt me?
Would you say a no
Or will you say a yes?
Are you really my knight?
Are you still alive?
Your zombie cries:

Let me in

Here comes the morning sun
Don’t you let me in?

I don’t wanna die die die die die here
You won’t let me die die die die die here

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You don’t want to hurt me
I see it in your eyes
As you try to kill the time
I can’t stand the sunlight
Save me

Don’t you let me in?

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