Let Me Get Up in Ya Lyrics By Kane & Abel feat. Gotti & Full Blooded

Artist/Band Name: Kane & Abel feat. Gotti & Full Blooded

Album Name:


Lyrics To Let Me Get Up in Ya

I’m a nigga with a wide car bone
And I’m takin’ one of these hoes home
Where they at, hit em’ from the front and the back
From the side when we ride, we some ballers and macks
Yeah we did that, give me that, I know you hit that
Six-hundred with the honey with the big back
Straight from the Glock, make it stop
Better save your breath for when ya runnin’ from the cops
So what we like to floss a lot, so walk a lot
We goin’ off a lot, we got the lovely ladies who love to pop
They love to shock, them scrubs don’t get no props
Now stop and drop just like a fool with it
If you got some paper maybe you’ll hit it
But I did it and I ain’t spend a quarter on ya
At the show, in the front row, throwin’ water on her
Put it all in her, take it like a winner
Fake not a beginner, spin while I’m still in her
I spit the game, my wrist shine and glitter
Call ya babysitter then I’ll get up in ya
Straight from New Orleans, the 504
We buck, we the realest it undoubtable
We ride thirty in Excursions, Benzs, Suburbans
Sippin’ on the Henny while we smokin’ and we splurgin’
A playa, a pimp, a hustler, a dealer
Kane and Abel thugggin’ with something like eight figures
Straight off the block, straight off the chop
Give me what cha’ got like I was wavin’ my Glock
But I’m not, I just wanna run up in the spot
And do it like a playa do, do it like a pimp do
First we gon’ play you then we gon’ pimp you
I true ask every boo, trippin’ up we never do
Only trick chickenheads and get they pussy too
Take some extasy with me and give my dogs some head too
A dog on them hoes, it ain’t no secret, I freaks it
I make a bitch suck a dick till she sees it
In the truck is he drunk, puffin’ that skunk
18’s in the trunk go bump bum-bump
Girl let’s connect, have fun have sex
If you fuckin’ with us bitch you fuckin’ with the best
In the Rover laid low, flingin’ that snow
Po-po pulled me over but they let the playa go
She was shakin’ that shit makin’ niggas so sick
She don’t know how bad she really want this dick
Sittin’ back in the six, puffin’ on smoke
Since me and two tricks sippin’ rum, sippin’ Coke
Hoes lookin’ tight, that ass lookin’ right
Come and spend it like we goin’ home tonight

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