Leah Lyrics By Neal Morse

Artist/Band Name: Neal Morse

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Lyrics To Leah

Leah’s mother and me were quite a pair
So we looked in the paper for a dog and a house to share
Her and her little girl came
Suddenly I had to explain
Things like lightning – why is it so mad at the rain?

Leah’s mother left one morning in an April fog
Leaving me the saddest little girl and a nasty dog
Leaving me to answer why
When Leah asks as she cries
“Why did she leave me this way?”
And softly I say…

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“Leah – mothers love their daughters
I’m sure that she still cares for you now
And Leah – lay upon my shoulders
I’ll be taking care of you now”

Leah’s mother’s been gone for a very long time
And Leah and me are sorta like the blind leading the blind
But when she asks about the fallen Queen
Sometimes I want to say somethin’ so mean
But I hold my pain inside
And softly I say…

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CHORUS (to end)

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