Laasok B’divrei Torah Lyrics By Rick Recht

Artist/Band Name: Rick Recht

Album Name: Tear Down the Walls


Lyrics To Laasok B’divrei Torah

When you wake up and you see the sunrise
When you look up and it’s love for the first time
When you see a shooting star in the night sky
When you help a friend make it through the traffic
When you read the book and see yourself in it
When you make a difference
And you know the world knows it

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It’s everything we do, everything we say
Everything we are

Chorus Laasok b’divrei Torah, Torah, Laasok b’divrei Torah
It’s what we do, what we say,
It’s how we live our lives with meaning everyday
Laasok b’divrei Torah

When you’re walking or you’re breathing or you’re listening
When you look and everywhere you find a blessing
When you’re praying for a stranger who needs the heeling
When you take a stand for what you know is right
When you will not see the world in black and white
When you see the rain stop and find the rainbow

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We are all Yisrael
We’ve struggled hard since our creation
Yisrael, we must never reach our destination


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