Keep It 100 Lyrics By Kid Ink

Artist/Band Name: Kid Ink

Album Name: Non-Album Releases

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Keep It 100

[Intro: ]
Let’s keep it moving right here, man
New music got the West Coast!
Hey Will, what up?
I love nine, what up?
Let’s go!

You know ‘ fooling myself
All this fire, think a nigga gonna melt
Back to the club, no lights over here
Just a couple real niggas and dice over here
I’m sitting on the couch, like I’m sitting on the world
Throw money while you niggas catching feelings like a girl
MGAF, middle finger to your face
Got bread in the bank and the toast is gonna waste
Yeah, ball hard rookie, can’t play with a rookie
Eating over here, smell what I’m cooking!
Chain so heavy, leaving niggas with a hiccup
Loud ‘but the whole team winning
Shouts going round, can’t block nobody
It’s West Side in this bitch, daddy, daddy!
Kill the scene to the whole thing body
Ain’t nothing but a Harvey!
The Los Angels’.

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Can’t stop now, even though I see read in my eyes
Head to the sky, trying to decide if I want Patron or Ciroc
I swear these problems are mine!
Uh, raise, raise in the hood, never had no problem
Just last year nigga made it from the bottom
Celebrate everyday could have got us
With a cup in my hand like a baby with a bottle,
Gone of everything, call me something
Ready for the action, no we’re stumping
FKI, mother fuck keep drumming
I don’t keep hoes, but I keep it 100!
Keep it 100!
I say keep it 100!

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OK, right on top, I’m stoned as a motherfucker
Neck full of racks, no clones in this motherfucker
‘high like me, me ice in the other’
Try one and niggas ain’t want this!
I’m gone! Can’t stop on a mission
Getting paid and for a nigga money mission
Don’t play by the rules that I mention
But I better make a broke nigga pay attention!

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