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Lyrics of This Song

SoundYeah, huh, ooh
You know what you want, yeah
And that makes you just like me
See, everybody says you’re hot, baby
But can you make it hot for meSaid, if you’re thinking about holding back
Don’t worry, girl
‘Cause I’m gonna make it so easy
So slide a little bit closer to me, little girl
See, daddy’s on a mission to pleaseWait a secondShe’s hopped up for me
I’ve got her in my zone
Her body’s pressed up on me
I think she’s ready to blow
Must be my future
Sex, love, sound
And when it goes down
Baby, all you got to do isJust tell me which way you like that
(All you gotta is) tell me which way you like that
Do you like it like this?
Do you like it like that?
Tell me which way you like that
Tell me which way you like thatYou can’t stop, baby

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